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How It Works

1. Customer posts his/her job request.

Customer will provide details about their job.

2. Reply to the customers' job request. If you make the cut, then connect with the customer, and finally close the sale.

When you respond, try to provide information that will assist the customer in making a decision. Most importantly, provide a quote - this, believe it or not, is the clincher for almost all the customers. If you make the cut and the customer decides to move forward and call you, then meet the customer and interact with him/her in a courteous and professional manner. If you can close the loop on the lead and get the job, great!

3. Finish the job.

Finish the job in a timely manner. Be respectful of your customers' home and try to leave it cleaner than you found it. After the job is completed, go through your check list with your customer to make sure the work is completed according to your mutually agreed project plan.

4. Reply to customers' review.

Please take time to respond to customers' review.