Q: How do I register?
First time Business owners, once you click the “Register” link on the “Business Owners” page you will be directed to the business registration screen that will record your profile - display name, email address, and password. Then, your contact information - Name of the business, business description, address, city, zip code, phone number, contact person, and web address will be recorded. Next, you will be directed to the login screen. Once you enter your username/password, the website will authenticate your information, and upon successful match, you will be directed to the screen where you will be requested to chose the line of business (the category, you wish to respond to user service requests). Upon making the category selection you will be directed to your landing page.

Q: How can I bid on customer service requests?
Upon logging-in on the “Business Owners” page you will be directed to your landing page. There, you will find service requests from the customers. Using the category and the zip code information provided by you, the search engine of the website will match the user requests that fall in your area of expertise. You can pick and choose which service requests you want to respond to. In order to record a response, you click the “Respond” button below each service request and a pop up window will appear to record your response.

The website will restrict the size of the responses to 160 characters. This step is to guide “you”, the businesses, to “begin” a conversation (a starting point) with your potential customers. Again, it cannot be overstated that the goal of this website is to provide a service that is a win-win proposition to both, our customers, and you. It is worth noting here that you will not be furnished the customer contact information on our website. This step is taken to protect the privacy of our customer(s). However, if the customer is satisfied with the response you provided and wish to contact you and hire you for the job; it is entirely their discretion to do so.

Q: How do I stop receiving email alerts for customer job postings?
When you create your account, the application will default your settings to receive customer service requests via email. And you will be able to respond to those search requests through the email. If you do not wish to receive these requests via email, you need to login, and once you arrive on your landing page, you can click on “Manage My Account” and navigate to “Email Notifications”, and select “No”. By opting out of the automatic notification process though, you might lose out on potential leads, because “the early bird gets the worm”. That said you will still have the option to view and respond to the user search or service requests by logging on to the website and navigating to your landing page. All responses provided by you will however appear only on the website.

Q: How do I stop getting email alerts for customer “Customer Rating”?
Although, you can unsubscribe yourself from receiving emails alerting you about customers' service requests, you, however, will not be able to unsubscribe yourself from receiving email alert every time a customer “Rates” your business. This business rule is in place to give you a fair opportunity to respond to your customers' “Customer Rating”.

Q: Why are objective “Customer Ratings” important to us?
Our website is founded on the core principal of providing a platform that will connect local small businesses with the customers of this website in an environment rooted in transparency. Therefore we developed a rating system that is fair to both, the customers and businesses.

Businesses listed on this website provide a service - they respond to customer service requests and contribute valuable content that will help the customers of this website make informed buying decisions. For providing the services mentioned above, businesses are presented with a great opportunity to “spread the word” about their business, but they do not realize any financial gain. Therefore, we believe businesses should not be penalized by customers –even a small number - who might misuse the “ratings” forum to make negative comments about the businesses that act in good faith and share their expertise.

That said, if the customers and businesses enter into a business transaction predicated on both the parties connecting on this website - based on the responses provided by the businesses to their service requests - and payment(s) rendered by the customer(s), then those customers should be absolutely entitled to rate their purchase experiences.

Q: How are our “Customer Ratings” different?
Customers can rate a business only if they connected through this website and used the services of that business. This rule is in place so that only genuine (either positive or negative) ratings are recorded, and fake (positive or negative) ratings from non-customers are filtered out.

The ratings will display both, the initial interaction between the customers and the businesses, and the customers' rating of their purchase experiences along with a comment or rebuttal from the businesses. This rule is in place to provide context and transparency.

When the customers purchase products or services from businesses, and want to rate their experiences, they have to do so within 30 days from the time they receive responses to their service requests from those businesses. After 30 days these requests will disappear from the landing page of the customers so they won't be able to rate. This business rule will give the customers a reasonable time to rate a business. This rule will also give the businesses an opportunity to respond to customer complaints or compliments in a timely manner.

Customers can rate a business only once, i.e. one service rating for each paid transaction. And each time a customer wants to rate a business they have to enter the service date and the receipt/invoice number. Alternatively, the customer can upload a picture of the receipt/invoice, displaying the service date and the invoice number from the business they are rating (by the way, the service date and invoice number the customer enters manually or the picture the user uploads displaying the service date and the invoice number of the receipt, will remain opaque on the website. The business that was rated by the customer will be the only party that will have access to that information). The above business rules will protect the integrity of the ratings because they discourage dishonest businesses from creating multiple accounts to praise themselves or trash their competitors. The same business rules will also restrict disgruntled or unreasonable customers from posting multiple negative comments about a business.

Like the customers, the businesses will have only one opportunity to respond/rebut a rating. This business rule is in place to discourage a protracted back-and-forth mudslinging between the customers and the businesses.

Q: I can't find my email notifications in my inbox?
Please check your spam or trash folder and move it to your inbox. Also, to receive your notifications in a timely manner, we recommend you use the popular email utilities like gmail, yahoo mail or hotmail.


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