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We started our business based on a concept we call Compassionate Capitalism. So, what is compassionate capitalism? Simply put, it is to give more than you take.

Profits generated for a private ownership which produces goods and services is the definition of capitalism. Compassionate Capitalism has two components. 1. Treat all the parties that are responsible for the profit creation respectfully and fairly. 2. Use our private ownership as a conduit to transfer over 50% of those profits to nonprofits like the Red Cross; Habitat for Humanity; Doctors Without Borders; St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and (Bill and Melinda) Gates Foundation. In addition to working tirelessly to provide assistance to the needy during times of emergencies, these nonprofits spend their remaining time offering a helping hand to the most vulnerable amongst us, both here at home and abroad.

We strongly believe in sharing. And we want to put our money where our mouths are. Our metrics to measure the success of our business will be the amount of money we can transfer to the nonprofits mentioned above. At the end of the day, that is what gives us more pleasure, than accumulating wealth for ourselves.

Who We Are

We're a Plano, Texas, based web-services company. Using technology to level the playing field, our website connects our site uses with small businesses that provide excellent workmanship and customer service but - unlike their bigger counterparts - lack the financial resources to advertise and become household names in the home repair space. (Please don't forget to read the hyperlinks at the bottom of this page.)

The current search model to find local services or service professionals on the internet is a digital version of the old, non-interactive, Yellow Pages - where the onus falls on the customers to identity potential businesses, contact them one at a time, get estimates, compare the estimates and finally choose one.

We at housspros.com, wanted to approach the local search opportunity from a different angle: What if customers searching for local businesses, and local businesses looking for customers, can connect with each other on an interactive and content driven portal, in almost real time? In our model, we wanted to integrate the emerging phenomenon in social media communities where the customers will advertise what they want to the whole market, and become paying customers of businesses that will engage them with a compelling value proposition.

Our website is built on three core principles - Trust, Transparency and Fairness.

It seems, our principles run counter to what passes as the industry standard in the online home repair referral space. Let us explain. Almost all the players - big and small - in this space run their business with only one motive: make money at the expense of one of their partners - the small businesses. They achieve their motives by their lack of transparency, and not treating these businesses fairly, which results in a general lack of trust of all the referral sites by these businesses.

Now, the other partners of these referral sites - the customers, who are in the dark about the shady practices employed by these websites, end up paying dearly for the referral sites' greed. How, you ask? First, businesses invest a lot of money on these sites to land jobs, and the easiest way to recover their investment is to pass on those expenses to their customers.

Next, after being burnt time and again by these sites and not getting any “qualified leads”, the businesses simply disengage from these sites. And when the good businesses leave, their vacuum is usually filled by the second-tier businesses which are a big loss for the customers. And finally, because of the huge financial commitment it takes to be listed on these sites, the customers are denied the opportunity to connect with some of the best run businesses - the family-owned, mom and pop kind, that keep their costs low, price their services fairly, and provide some of the best customer service.

The bottom line is this: The referral sites are accountable to two groups of people - the customers and businesses. And in order to serve these two constituents well, they have to play fair with both the parties. Because if they treat either of these parties unfairly the other one will suffer.

In that spirit, we present below, two hot links, that we'd like our customers and business partners to read to get a better understanding of your responsibilities to help us build a referral platform based on Trust, Transparency and Fairness.

Customers Please Read: The dirty little secret of the Referral Business
There are no free lunches in this world. At the end of the day somebody had to pay for it. Let us start our honest conversation with you with the above thoughts. Over the past 15 years unscrupulous referral websites have been making tons of money on the backs of small businesses in the house repair space by promising to deliver “qualified leads” with few hits, but with a significantly higher number of misses.

Here's the dirty secret of the lead-generation business. You, the customers, unwittingly make money for them. We are not in any way holding you responsible for this practice but these companies pry on the fact that the leads from the customers are generated in different stages of their buying process with some, in the early stages of gathering information for their job; to some, where the customers gather all the relevant information, the quotes, but still change their mind and decide not to pursue their project; to some, that are ready to act pending the evaluation of the available quotes to select the best one; to some, that know exactly what they want and are ready to hire a home repair professional.

But the referral sites using their “pay-per-lead” model, charge these businesses for all the leads generated from the four very different groups of customers mentioned above. To explain it better consider the following example. A business is promised “qualified leads” when it signs up with a referral website. So in a month let's say that business got 10 leads at a cost of $30 per lead (by the way, these amounts are very arbitrary, and many are higher) and are charged $300 promptly. Now let's say, of those 10 leads only one of them actually turns into a job (which is a very close estimate). Do you think it's fair for that business to expend all the time and effort in good faith to develop the 10 leads only to end up with one job and in the process loose $270?

To those of you that say “that's not my problem, and it's just the cost of doing business.” We'd like to say, please reserve your judgment, because it gets worse. The referral website always sends a customer's lead to multiple businesses. So imagine then, how much money the website stands to make for each lead - weather the lead turns into an actual job or not? So it is no wonder then, that there is a perception among the home repair businesses that the “pay-per-lead” model opens the door for the referral website to use the first two groups of customers mentioned above as a cover to potentially generate bogus leads.

We created our website on the principles of transparency and fairness to both the parties that make our site possible: you - the customers; and the home repair businesses. Businesses registered on our site will not be subjected to the practices mentioned above. That said, these businesses have been victimized time and again in the past, so, there is an intense mistrust among this group to partner with any referral sites.

Therefore, the only way we can attract businesses, particularly good ones - that will respond to your job requests in real time and provide you with valuable information to earn your business - to our site is to make it worthwhile for them to do business. You can help us help the businesses get “qualified leads” by belonging to the latter two groups of customers mentioned above.

On the flip side, for customers that are apprehensive they might experience unethical business practices, bad customer service and bait & switch tactics from some businesses, rest assured, we've addressed those issues upfront with the businesses in their section, so rest easy.

To conclude, we see our website as a service provider of convenience for our customers who are ready to act but do not have the time to undertake the daunting task of contacting multiple businesses, communicating with each one of them, before deciding on one to fix to their problem. Therefore, we advise all our customers: when you enter your job request on our website, please provide the businesses with specific details about your job (add a picture or a video if you think it will assist the business in learning more about the job); that you want to request a quote for the job; and finally, how soon you want them to start your job. By providing specifics about your job and timelines, you telegraph to the businesses that you are “qualified lead”, and they in turn will return the favor by responding to your job request in large numbers.
Business Owners Please Read: It's about time to right the wrongs
We want to start off by laying all our cards on the table. We understand your utter distrust of referral companies in the home repair space. And we don't blame you if you're gun-shy to give us a few minutes of your time to listen, let alone associate yourself with another referral company. For the past 15 years you've been “scammed” time and again by these companies pocketing your hard earned money by promising “qualified leads” only to deliver anything but. We're of course talking about pretty much all the players in this space who follow the “pay-per-lead” model. The only problem with this model is that the referral companies make money and the businesses that get the bad leads are left holding the bag.

We can talk all day about how we're different from the other big and small players in this space but we feel with all the bad blood, you'll simply write us off as another snake oil salesman. But the fact is, we're an upstart website and we've spent considerable amount of time researching this market and we've concluded that the only way to break this cycle of mistrust is to first, mend fences with you - the businesses that help us attract users to our site. We don't have any false ideas that we're going to change your perception about our lead generation site overnight, but give us chance, and we're confident we'll earn your trust and business sooner rather than later.

As a first step in this direction, please take a leap of faith with us and join our site. Once registered you'll find out we're a 100% transparent company. The root of your ire is the “pay-per-lead” model. So the first thing you'll notice on our site is we don't use that model - we promise we will not charge you for individual leads weather you get the job or not. Next, you'll notice we don't use the “pay-to-play” model - we promise we'll never play favorites with the businesses that are registered on our website based on their ability to pay the most for a lead. And finally we promise you'll never have to worry about getting “qualified leads” from our website if you do the following in letter and spirit:

1. This website is designed around a pretty straight forward model called “you reap what you sow”. Here is how it works. Respond to our user's job requests in real time and provide useful information which will assist them in their decision making process, and you, in closing the lead. In the current find-an-answers-in-a-second-on-your-mobile-device World, please don't insult the intelligence of your prospective customers by hiding behind the “we won't engage you, or give a quote, until we diagnose the problem on site” line. While this might be true in some cases, in most cases you should not have any problem responding to the customers' requests and providing a baseline price.

Besides, you significantly increase your chances of closing a lead if you provide a ball-park quote, as long as you communicate upfront that it might be subject to change. Additionally, would you want to be the only business left out because your peers -who have adapted to the times - might be more than happy to provide a quote and walk away with the job?

2. Because you're not going to break the bank acquiring leads from our site, you'd endear yourself more to your/our customers by passing on some of the savings to them.

3. Add both written and video posts on our website that will expand our customers' knowledge-base in your area of expertise of home repair.

4. In the spirit of transparency we want to let you know that while we understand that you've been treated unfairly by the referral sites, we hope you'll agree with us when we say there are a few bad apples in any businesses. Like we told our customers in their section about how we'd like to limit the “tire kickers” - users who want to collect all the information and quotes, with no intention of ever using your services. We want to humbly request you to act in good faith in your dealings with the users and refrain from unethical business practices, bad customer service and bait & switch tactics.

To conclude, if you're still not convinced that we're a different kind of referral site that understands your concerns and wants to work with you to do the right thing and still be fair to both you, and our customers, let us let you in on a little secret. If you think the information provided above is the work of a public relations/marketing/social media spin machine, you're wrong. If you think we are the brain-child of a big corporation or a VC firm trying to masquerade as a small startup with a cute story, you are wrong again.

Because we are none of that, as a matter of fact there is no “WE” in this equation. It's just “ME”. Yes, this website is a one-man operation. And, no, I'm not a wealthy internet-millionaire nor am I a trust fund baby. But I do run a tight ship and keep my costs low. Therefore I'm not beholden to any partners or share holders whose only goal is to maximize profits at all costs.

I firmly believe in cultivating trust, relationships and providing value to all the players associated with my site. I'm truly your average home-owner who got tired of wasting a lot of time and energy trying to find good house repair pros - on short notice and at reasonable prices - and decided to do something about it, because I strongly believe change, big or small, can start with one person.


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